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Nana’s Apricot Jam

Step 1: Grow an apricot tree.

Step 2: Pick apricots.

Step 3: Wash apricots.

Step 4: Cut in half and remove pits from apricots.

Step 5: Grind apricots.

Step 6: Check with an expert for the perfect recipe.

Step 7: Add pectin and boil apricot mush.

Step 8: Add sugar…

lots of sugar.

Step 9: Wash jars.

Step 10: Fill jars and screw on lids.

Step 11: Turn jars over to cool and set.

Step 12: Share left over fresh apricots with friends and neighbors.

Bonus tip: For added sweetness insure that while jam is being prepared there are at least 3 generations in the kitchen.


One response

  1. was step 13 learning html? love all the pics! looks yummmmm

    Mon.7.12.2010 at 11:34 pm

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