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The Land of Opportunity


Farewell JMMS

5 years and 500 students.

BB from CC

I’ve heard tell of this fine establishment and its world famous breakfast burritos for many years. This morning Mr. Lawhead and I braved the crowd to order, then avoided the crowd and ate in a small parkway near the parking lot.


Favorite sights on the ride home. I’ve passed them hundreds of times, but never tire of the view.


Opposites attract.

LA River

Lovely lunch made by Jeff.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to take a break from school to enjoy this!

Bike ride along the LA River with a few pits stops.

Cinco de Mayo with my numero uno

Don Cuco’s for mexican dinner, thrifty’s icecream (I thought thrifty’s was extinct!), a stroll through the Americana, shopping at Anthropology, red box movie- Surrogates. No complaints.